Coronavirus Day Four 😷

How do you handle or overcome challenges? Homeschooling has begun. I ensure you my children are not the only ones learning today ,🀣. I think the possibility for new learning mediums, programs, & opportunities for the future are HUGE! We have moved Barten Media to πŸ’―% remote work platforms utilizing GSuite, Zoom, Slack, & Trello to name a few. Barten Bros. Junk & Clean Up is still working, helping people utilize this new found down time get some spring 🌷cleaning done and get the πŸ—‘οΈout. We have a series of ads running offering driveway or curbside pick ups for a discount to promote social distancing πŸ‘Ÿ. Ocean Ice Palace, Inc. & Ocean Hockey Supply, Inc. are preparing to close to the public, thinning/tempering the πŸ§ŠπŸ’β›ΈοΈ ice, reducing utility expenses, disinfecting the facilities, and conducting maintenance typically difficult under traditional event demands.

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